Emperor of the Battlefield

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Emperor of the Battlefield

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Emperor of the Battlefield

Napoleonic Wargame Rules for the Revolutionary and Empire Years

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Emperor of the Battlefield        gives you good reason to use historic tactics in your games because they work. Napoleonic warfare means combined arms to me. I need to see those columns moving up, the lines giving fire, and the reactions to determined cavalry. In this game you pick your target priorities, not me. 

                                                           They are your guns, sir, not mine.


Emperor of the Battlefield          has the Control Test and the Morale Test at its heart. The Control Test deals with the passage of orders within the unit and measures its ability to charge, react and change formation. The Morale Test is for any firing or close combat aimed at your unit.                                                 

                            So, you roll to control and the enemy rolls to react.


Emperor of the Battlefield             uses an alternate bound sequence with reaction point options and choices. This makes it suitable for single or multiplayer games where each player controls a Division or a full Corps if they wish. In general, all troops move as you command. The section on orders is both simple and optional.

       Extra players add enough command and control issues for me.


This shows more than you require to play Emperor of the Battlefield. Three dice. A ruler marked in Measurement Units (mu or u) for your figures and basing. Some markers those units that Flinch or Waver.

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