Emperor of the Battlefield

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Emperor of the Battlefield

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There have been questions that the author has replied to via personal emails. We all ask occasionally. Here are some of them. This section will grow. 

If you have questions then please email them to ian@emperorofthebattlefield.com or use a Contact Form.

Unfortunately, the EotB Forum needs technical expertise that Ian does not possess so it will not return for a while.

Andrew commented:

Having just picked up the Emperor of the Battlefield rulebook from David Lanchester Books at Hammerhead, I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the quality. I don’t like hardback, too heavy from carrying around when travelling and prone to flop over and damage figures on the table. Spiral bound very much helps the rules lie flat and are also long lasting. I like the colour coding down the edge of the page for easy thumbing through and finding the section needed. The eye candy photos do help and are good quality. Typeset font is very large and clear with plenty of colour highlights which should help memory retention.

What I really like is the option of Quick Reference Sheets, we aim to minimise ‘furniture’ on the tabletop and having the option of A4 or A5 sheets is good.

We have enjoyed the previous rules from Ian – King of the Battlefield – and their innovative move sequence for the 18th Century, which is so easy and quick. Looking forward to these new Napoleonic ones.

IanG:    Thank you, Andrew.     Emperor of the Battlefield is doing well.

Large type and lay flat rules are a must for me. The smaller type size QRS was a request I finally agreed to adding in. The King of the Battlefield Eighteenth Century Rules set the standard, but I did want to improve on the look. 

Alasdair commented:

I am enjoying Emperor of the Battlefield. I have played 4 games so far. Each with 35-40ish units. As a long time player of King of the Battlefield it was easy to transition over to the rules. I like the terrain set up and the fact that divisions enter the board as the game progresses. It is one of the few wargames rules where roads are important and not just a decorative feature.

IanG:     Thank you, Alasdair.     I am glad we agree that roads are there for a reason. The bad news is it helps to have a plan!