Emperor of the Battlefield

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Emperor of the Battlefield

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For players who do not have an Emperor’s Widget in the size required you may download this word file and adjust it to suit. The original Emperor’s Widget was printed on paper, cut out and taped onto 80x40mm card, later steel, and then MDF bases as the Emperor’s Widget developed.

Please download the EotB ORBAT file for your personal use. It has been written in Excel. However, the spreadsheet works in other software too. 

There are lots of dropdown boxes for your ease of customisation. Hover and discover. Change the ranks and formation titles. Type names on top of ‘name’ and they will display in blue. Top right in the Deployment, etc. box you can select the relative positions of your commands as you march towards an unseen battlefield. 

There is an EotB ORBAT Blank PDF for your use as well. This is designed for a C-in-C with his assets plus up to five sub-commanders and their units. You choose their ranks. It is the ability of their staff that costs you points. Random commanders are fun. You roll for their staff when they first appear on table.





An A4 page of the Emperor's Widgets for you to resize and print. This helps Emperor Of the Battlefield work for you and avoid rebasing.

EotB ORBAT 240222 site.xlsx

The EotB ORBAT file is a simple spreadsheet for your on table force. There are a lot of dropdown menus to help you choose your troops and to name and rank your commanders and their formations. Please help yourself by looking at the READ ME tab.

EotB ORBAT Blank5 pdf.

For those using a pen rather than a keyboard to form their force.

Reminder for Ian. This video here  shows how you upload a file to the media library and get the button to download it.